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Asslicking stories

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Asslicking stories

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Why, are you scared? She had always been kind of a flirt, although she was being especially flirty that night, with plenty of sexual innuendos.

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They seemed longer.

The crotch was the same as Kates. He was shirtless but kept his suit trousers on.

Kate was definitely full of surprises. I was going to see how long they would toy with me.

We stopped for lunch and the ladies said they needed to pee. I was shocked, I had never really aslicking anyone near my ass before but I was so filled with lust and passion that I just kept up with the moaning and calling out his name in utter delight.

I licked the panties and tasted the salt on my tongue as I stroked my cock. She got down on her knees asalicking and stuck her face into my ass and started licking.

A one-night stand licked my ass for the first time

Her eyes closed in pleasure and a she let out a long lustful moan as she forcfully injected her tongue into my ass. Startled, I put my cock into my pants, but pointed down. Kate wiped and pulled her storiees up. I guess Then Kate bent down. It was so passionate, we were both breathless and so horny.

Ass licking | your erotic stories

I get him! Why, are you scared? I could barely tear my eyes away to look up at her her smiling face, which had a few strands of hair dangling in front of her sexy green eyes. Shannon started moaning into my ass as she licked with renewed lust. Shannon placed her face on the carpet and reached back, pulling her ass cheeks apart with both hands.

Having this intense experience changed butt play for me and i am forever grateful for it because it opened up a new world for me. Looking back over her shoulder, she smiled at me and wiggled her ass with my dick firmly embedded within. It was dripping down onto her face and she was doing her best to catch as much as she could in her asslicklng mouth.

It was as if she was eating her last meal, the way she was licking and sucking up the cum from my asshole. I looked down and stared into her sexy eyes, just peeking over my balls and fully erect dick, as her nimble little tongue flicked against my asshole. Once she was done cumming, We all laid down on the rock touching each other asslickiny kissing. I was in heaven.

The one-night stand that licked my ass for the first time (story)

We walked along and found a for a lake. I told Eva to lay down on asslicing big flat rock a few feet away. As she stood up, her ass cheeks hung out of the shorts. That was a fuckload of sweat. They said it would actually make them feel better to have a man with them. They smelled like crotch sweat, salt, pussy, and ass. I smell like a pig! He was coming to my house to watch a movie and order a takeout, it was seemingly innocent.

I slid my cock into her and I could smell her ass scent wafting up at the same time.

Ass licking sex stories – desi tales

Then I overheard them whispering. I moved my nose to the crotch and smelled a sharp pussy scent. I felt Eva slide a finger into my ass as her warm wet mouth enveloped my balls.

I went down on him and did all of the things he had told me about and he pulled my hair just like I told him I liked. She wiped and pulled up her panties as she stood.

Sweaty hike ass licking

I licked from her pussy hole all the way to the top of her ass crack. A few minutes later Shannon placed her last tile and was victorious. He was also very confident but charming at the same time, there was something about him that just made me feel like storiies nervous schoolgirl.