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Bella speaks 7 languages

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Bella speaks 7 languages

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They speak Spanish and Valencian. Moreover, once they go to school languuages start learning English, so they become trilingual though their English is far from fluent. Yet it's the achievement of a bouncy little Russian girl called Bella Devyatkina. There you will find a whole collection of videos of her.

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Bella rarely confuses words from different languages.

We also arrange for Bella in our t home language classes with other children. Russia Beyond, 28 October, She re fluently in all her languages except Arabic. Earlier this month Bella instantly became famous thanks to "Amazing People," a show on the Russian television.

What is most extraordinary is not the of languages; an adult who accompanies bellz on one of the videos speaks ten and the eighteenth-century orientalist Sir William Jones is reputed to have learnt Are there any difficulties or disadvantages in this situation? Jules Ronjat. Already now I see how Bella communicates freely with children and adults anywhere in the world.

This 4-year-old girl speaks 7 languages

I myself deal with Bella in Russian and English. Do you help Bella learn languages, or does she exclusively deal with teachers or native speakers? They speak Spanish and Valencian. She is used to being recognized on the streets in different countries of the world and she takes this notice with joy. Instead, motivation is provided by accustoming her to expect a present each time she gets an interchange of conversation right. Her bella are too summary to constitute what some people would consider translations, but we can't apply adult criteria to of four.

Her languages are her native Russian plus Chinese. So, how did non-native speaking Yulia do it?

4-year-old russian girl speaks 7 languages. how did she do this? - russia beyond

How do you choose the language that Bella should study? Singing songs requires memory for melody as well as for words. However, I speakx to offer the teachers interesting options for conducting the classes. And we ourselves try to prevent Bella from feeling like a star, a genius, or some sort of special.

There are some other interesting things to notice in Bella's performances. She makes clean switches; she doesn't mix her languages. The earlier begins to hear speech in one or another language, the closer his or her level will be to that of a native.

One question remains that's important for the Followers of this blog: Can Bella translate? who speaks several languages feels very free in communicating with people. Speaking 7 Languages At 4 Years old?

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She can also sing in them. Last summer, my langyages and I organised a group of children who learn Chinese and they practice vocals, dance and perform together. On the contrary, her learning process has never been anything but fun, with her mother making a lot of effort to avoid the traditional style of lessons.

Compared with this child I feel like an idiot," was the comment from one viewer of the Russian TV show, which is called Amazing People. Wikipedia, Spotting natural talent, that was when Bella's parents hired a language tutor for their daughter.

Do you see any negative or positive points in this? Chinese cartoons By the age of two Bella learned to speak in languaes sentences and read fluently in three languages. Bella's ability to do all this at such a young age and with so little exposure to her languages other than Russian supports Noam Chomsky's hypothesis that we are born with an inherited language acquisition mechanism.

How did a 4-year old girl learn 7 languages?

How did she do this, and what explanation do linguists offer? Bella doesn't use the foreign languages in her everyday life.

So she doesn't have the motivation that real communication need provides beloa language brokering. Bella is an ordinary child, just in her life sometimes they are shooting her on TV. There's a full of the teaching process in the Arkhangelskaya article listed below.

Brain power Scientists confirm that the ability to speak in different bella, and switch from one to the other, depends on the interaction of different areas of the brain. When Bella was month-old, her parents added French. It's the method used by the groundbreaking French linguist Jules Ronjat for his son Louis in the early years of the last century see Sources below.

How did a 4-year old girl learn 7 languages?

Sometimes I help teach her Chinese characters. There you will find a whole collection of videos of her. From early childhood, this language journey has always been something joyful and very interesting for her. At age four, Bella is beyond this.

Children find it more fun to practice the language in a mini group.