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Books to make you more interesting

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Books to make you more interesting

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Some are even the source of inspiration which defines a part of you. They have the power to shape our values and politics or change perspectives on religion, love and money. Integesting story and settings of books are limitless so chances are there is one out there that has the power to have a powerful positive impact on you. With so many books out there, I had to narrow down my list booms just The book is about building and maintaining power, but it is also about the virtues that make a good ruler.

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50 books guaranteed to make you more interesting

With so many books out there, I had to narrow down my list to just Just ask John Waters. However, there are many ideas that anyone can use. Most people at some point in their life can identify with him. With war, intedesting and death at every makee in this novel, it shows that life can be adventurous in many ways. Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand Cyrano is a true renaissance man. Critics of the book created the negative term Machiavellian to describe unscrupulous cunning or deception.

The Dictionary A gimme, perhaps, but knowing the exact right word for every occasion? He is injured by a mortar and during his stay in an infirmary falls in love with his nurse. Jones In this highly acclaimed novel, Jones explores a corner of history not much talked about, at bookss in contemporary classrooms: the lives of black slave owners in the years leading up to the Civil War.

As Charlie becomes smarter, the boooks between his intellect and emotion materialize. This novel has influenced and inspired many travelers who want to get off the beaten path.

15 books to inspire you to a more interesting life

It is about jake with life and changing your perspective about it. His progress le him to start a relationship with his teacher, write research papers, but le to loneliness. All things that, at least in my estimation, make you a hell of a lot more interesting.

Interestting this, the book makes you think of power in a new way in your life and the life you want to create. This is his personal memoir about what happened afterward. He agrees to participate in a scientific experiment to increase his intelligence.

He gives many examples of how to use productivity to simplify your life and how to de a better lifestyle for yourself. Get free ebook 10 Ways to Travel Mroe - the amazing methods that have already helped thousands travel faster, better and cheaper. Underneath all of that Stevenson addresses the lack of adventure in modern day life.

His inability to profess his interestig even on his deathbed illustrates that you should seize life while you can or you might never be able to. He eventually returns to his unit, but decides to flee with his love to Switzerland. Smart and complex and definitely worth a read. Now that, friends, is pretty interesting.

15 books to inspire you to a more interesting life

The Bible Not for any religious reason, but merely because so many stories from Western culture find their origins here. These conversations consist of lessons about values, love, happiness and acceptance.

As Morrie sees it, popular culture and the media are evils that people must suffer. In this memoir, the Russian giant investigates the way memory works, how we experience it, and in turn, how we experience and talk about life, time, hell, and the nature of existence. Plus, everyone wants to talk to the guy who knows the ins and outs of embalming.

And yes, before you ask, weirder is almost always more interesting. Not to mention in that second section pretty much all you need to know about being a human in that world, in our current one, or in any other. He strongly emphasizes that the tale belongs in the past. The Known World, Edward P. Brian is stranded alone in the Canadian wilderness after a plane crash.

The tips are listed out with easy to follow examples of people like John D. A Brief History of Time, Stephen Hawking Learn about the universe — both literally black holes, the big bang and metaphysically how does time work? Silence Once Begun, Jesse Ball This novel asks you to consider silence, an activity you do not emerge from without becoming at least a little bit more interesting.

Written inthe skills are still very relevant today on how to get ahead in relationships and business. Or, at least, hooks will make you develop a new appreciation for surrealist literature and that bag of frozen tilapia behind the ice cubes.

He competes with his rival Spitz for leader of the pack. The book will take a long time reading and putting each law into use makee alone remembering them all can be hard. There are many memorable things that come from this novel such as Long John Silver, the black spot and treasure maps.

44 books everyone should read in their lifetime

Perfect for anyone who wants to boiks a free spirit. Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Alborn This book tells the true story of a sociology professor named Morrie and the conversations that he spent with one of his former students Mitch. This is where to start. Museum of the Weird, Amelia Gray I swear, this book will make you weirder. Like time and experience themselves, this book will change you, whether you resolve to let it or not.

Books everyone should read in their lifetime to become well-rounded - business insider

His large nose robs him of his confidence in attracting the love of his life Roxanne. It is a series of meditations on life and his search for meaning. 20, Monthly Readers I agree to have my personal information transfered to MailChimp more information Get weekly strategies for motivation, travel and living life on your terms. He tells his story of confusion, alienation, rebellion and sexuality; however this story is also about self exploration. Salinger Told as a flashback, Holden Caulfield narrates his story from a mental institution.

In the novel Henry is an ambulance driver during the war. This one sings and soars and sears: half American Western, half fabulist masterpiece in miniature.

Sebald One way to become more interesting? A brilliant collection that might make you a little more brilliant too. Reading books by people from places you may not be familiar with. The Catcher in the Rye by J.