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Chupe mis chi chis

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Kid with black hair, red gloves, and light blue shirt chks How the hell did the EMTs get to Kenny so quickly? Kenny got right up and walked off from the embalming table.

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Weight gain /trivia | south park archives | fandom

Kathie Lee's song is the one she sang on the Carnival Cruise lines. There's an alien embryo in a jar behind the embalming table. Cartman wins the contest by stealing the work of Henry David ThoreauWaldenchid changing the author's name to his. Spanish profanity on the blackboard behind Mr.

Chef's car is clearly visible in a wreck behind the bikini-clad midget reporter The chks dude that Kenny bites is wearing a "let's get physical" shirt--get the sarcasm? When the same officers were acquitted on April 29,Los Angeles erupted into riots.

Crabtree, the bus driver, has a bird in her hair. Ima kara Later in the episode, the wood texture in Mr.

The song "I Love to Singa" is from an old cartoon by the same name. Although this was the third South Park episode broadcasted, it was the second one to be made, and is nearly always shown second on re-runs.

Weight gain on tumblr

Don't touch my eggs balls. Jesus is flying around.

When the episode switched to "Braveheart Mode", the screen was letterboxed. Mayor" even though she is a female. Weight Gain and the commercial selling it are a spoof on "bulk up" powders used by those who would like to gain more muscle mass. Hankey is constantly leaving his "mark" on Kyle's gloves. Some people have mistaken it for a dildo, but it's actually a piece crap named Mr.

When Streisand's helicopter is about to land Cartman yells, "Aliens! Did you know?

Chupe mis chi chis | spanish translator

The song that plays while Mr. Before Mr. Maybe that's why Kenny's death was not as cool this time, his father had the cooler death. A KKK hci at a typical Suburban house?!? I'm not positive, but I think Kathy Lee Gifford is much older then she claims to be. Mr Garrison is in the crowd placing bets behind Jimbo.

He purchases a large rifle from Jimbo Kern's gun shop and plots to shoot Gifford. In the international version the music is absent.

Garrison has his modeling photographs taken is the "Photo Dojo". When Cartman is trying to get through the bus doors, Ms. However, each time in the next scene his gloves are clean.

Weight gain - official south park studios wiki | south park studios

The chalkboard in this episode seems to have either really advanced geometry on it. This is a new beginning! This is the first episode where Mr. The closest movie title to that which Streisand was actually in is "Funny Girl" It's the next to last scene when Gregory Peck is in the church and is going to stab Damien. From now on, Kid with black hair, red gloves, and light blue shirt The twin Japanese fairies who appeared to Sidney Poitier in the clamshell are two characters in the Mothra movies who are the only people able to summon Mothra back to their homeworld when they need his help.

Did you know?

As Terrence and Philip are denoted in the show by a T and a P, the only marked difference between Bananas one and two are the s 1 and 2, duh on their shirts. The end of the Genetic Engineer's cane is, you guessed it, an ass. Marvin has a pot pie while watching TV.