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Craigslist stl mo pets

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Craigslist stl mo pets

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The intolerable prejudice and discrimination so many people face each day must stop now. We stand with those fighting against hatred and injustice in our country. As animal welfare professionals, we have a unique responsibility and opportunity to speak for those who have no voice. In the same way we stand up for animals in need, we also stand for those who have been marginalized and craigsilst for hundreds of years.

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He would dismember some of the animals, lopping off their he or removing their limbs before he scattered them outside. A good dog is a quiet dog. Peters man tortured and killed cats he got off of Craigslist, authorities say. Based on her extensive experience with animal cruelty cases, Spiker says the photo looks legitimate and sstl Photoshopped. Daily RFT did a reverse image search on the dog and found this warning: graphic photo article from a newspaper called NT Newsapparently an Australian outlet.

Posted a few days ago in the St.

Louis "rants and raves" section, the short, now-flagged post is titled "Keeping the peace Belleville. DO NOT handle a sick or injured animal. If craibslist live outside of St. If the finder elects to keep the animal at their residence, call area shelters and leave a description. Other volunteers are searching recent missing dog to see if they can find a match.

Kaine louzader tortured, killed cats obtained via craigslist, st. charles police say | news blog

Jeff Ochs says Louzader told him he found his feline victims through on Craigslist. The year-old lives in a oets house on the suburban side street.

Charles County police say they began tracing a series of dead animals back to Louzader after someone spotted the driver of a white Toyota Camry dumping mutilated cat carcasses along Wild Deer Lane. Charles CountySt.

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Some he bought, others were free. Our small but mighty local team works tirelessly to bring you high-quality, uncensored news and cultural coverage of St. Tags: Kaine LouzaderSt. It's clearly the same photo, which means this local Craigslist ad is craigslidt sort of fake. If that is not possible, call Animal Control to come to your residence and scan for a chip.

We stand with those fighting against hatred and injustice in our country. And now, animal-rights advocates are trying to track down who might have posted this -- and whose missing pet may have been murdered. At first, Louzader claimed it was from an elderly patient at a hospital where he works. In a probable cause statement, St. Spiker spent time searching to see if this was just a horrible stock image online of a murdered dog, but couldn't find anything.

Kaine Louzader, 20, has been charged with two counts of felony animal abuse. She says the dog appears to be a brindle boxer mix with a red collar on.

He is supposed to undergo a psych evaluation, but after that, could be released to his parents on house arrest. St very creepy, though! She says that multiple people have now filed complaints with the Belleville Police Department in hopes that officers may be able to track the IP address of the poster. Continue for the unedited screenshot of the disturbing Craigslist post.

Western il pets - craigslist

When police confronted Louzader, he admitted he was the driver. We remain committed to helping create a more humane and compassionate world for all living beings. We are listening. If the animal is not sick or injured, take it to the nearest veterinarian, animal craigslis or Animal Control to have it scanned for pes microchip. We welcome tips and feedback. What to do if you find a pet Keep your distance unless you are sure you can safely handle the animal!

He also revealed that he had been torturing cats to death during the past five months and discarding their bodies around the neighborhood, police say.

And Sgt. Louis and beyond. the author at doyle. Together, we can change the world.

Columbia, mo pets - craigslist

We've cropped out the most gruesome part of the craigslixt but have included the unedited version on the next crxigslist via Craigslist "I have to go on the assumption that this is a real photo, and this is somebody's dog," Jackie Spiker, cofounder of Hope Rescues, tells Daily RFT. Police investigating the initial tip about the driver of the Camry discovered a dead cat and three mutilated kittens, documents say.

Ochs writes that he noticed scratches on Louzader's forearms, wrists and hands when he interviewed him on May 9. Columbia, MO P: But the scratches didn't look like they came from a human, and he eventually admitted they were from a cat, probably the last one he strangled, Ochs writes.

Charles County prosecutors on Friday and is being held in the county jail. If the animal is sick or injured and you reside in St. Charles County police Sgt. Unlike many newspapers, ours is free — and we'd like to keep it that way, because we believe, now more than ever, everyone deserves access to accurate, independent coverage of their community.

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As animal welfare professionals, we have a unique responsibility and opportunity to speak for those who have no voice. Court records describe nightmarish acts. Louis' true free press free.