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Diaper erotic stories

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Diaper erotic stories

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They were also intimate. Aunt Fox was opening another beer. Not yet! I must have sat in the gallery for a couple atories hours trying to regain my senses.

Diaper stories

Then they went swimming and left me to cry. But with her gentle caresses he remained hard as she finished the shaving with a regular razor.

Guys tend not to watch unless they are AB's, TB's or DL's while the little girls always stare and the old ladies gawk at the exposed big boy crotches. I tried to break efotic but they had pictures; hundred of pictures and if I wanted then kept private I had to obey them.

The tapes were pulled off and the diaper dropped exposing my shaven pubes. Betty suggested I take a gander in my purse while handing each of us a restorative brewski.

storie I just laid back while she jerked me off to an explosive climax, having completely forgetting about the audience. Tricia wanted me to sleep in the diaper and not to remove it until the morning.

She grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me down to the couch. I don't need I was presented with two choices. When they took our di-di's off, it was noted that we were wet. The Secret Room 2 - I should have panicked when I found the hidden nursery.

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I ducked out of its way and it bounced off the wall. I guessed that meant it was bedtime but I was psychotically curious about what transpired in that diiaper hour and a half. I quickly understood why Mickey had been grinning when they were changing his diaper in the men's room a few days before. Had we been robbed! That's so gross; not to mention embarrassing.

Back to diapers

He blasted his load straight up in only a couple of minutes. The bus idaper gotten stuck in traffic and was almost an hour late.

Her eyes were half closed watching television. And that is how my first wonderful day with Tricia and my diapers went. His pubes were allowed to grow back.

I needed a change and we all knew it. I reverse squeezed. Cindy quickly lowered his jeans and erohic the wet diaper. I even cried. I gave him a few more with the strap and then finished his spanking with my hand. I got my usual delightful morning treatment from Mick and Cindy. The strap also had some very visible effects -- Dan's butt was now bright red.

They explained that they use the men's rather than the ladies' room because it attracts less attention. And it got worse for she was beside me in an disper and spraying me with shaving cream. Then, the ever prepared babysitter, cleaned him up with a couple of baby wipes.

Diaper | your erotic stories

There were four of us -- Rhonda, Tricia and her brother Mickey and me. Rather than giving me a hand job he gave me a blow job.

Then one of them had a brainstorm. To seal the arrangement, I had to give each of them a blow job right now. When you require changing, you will ding the bell; once for urine and twice for your solid waste.

She had a similar effect on the others. Of being diapered.

Diaper stories – smutmd

Posing - A tale of a fancy dress party. Caught In My Diaper Dream - A businessman's secret dreams becomes reality when female coworkers catch on to his fetish!

They even agreed to limit the how often. With her hand covered with oil it only took a few strokes for me to blast my load on the porcelain. I was quickly stripped by the two of them. When Mick started to go out with Cindy I had hopes that he would let me go.