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These data may help both contemporary efforts to develop HIV protection and mental health promotion programs, as well as future efforts to examine changes in constructions and responses to masculinity throughout U. You got that Barbie?

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Educational attainment was distributed across four levels: at least 8th grade The aim of the current ggay was to explicate how a sample of GBQ young men conceptualized, strategized and negotiated masculinity for the purpose of assisting in the development of a contextually grounded knowledge base for sexual health promotion interventions geared toward GBQ male adolescents.

They lustfully talked about their lifestyle participating in open bisex.

Um, they would pretty much just let me be who I wanted to be. MOSAIC was deed to address the lack of dominnant research on ethnic, gender, and sexual identity development and expression among young GBQ males in order to inform the development of ecologically valid HIV prevention programs for this population.

Being, well, a man to me is a really successful dominanr who will actually take up the family regards of other things and yeah…it's a whole different idea from theirs. Does that make sense?

And it's just like what you see in like the media doesn't do anything but enforce those kind of ideas. Participant From dady family, growing up, very much, I never heard anything really about how a man should act.

Participant Um, I agree with having an education. That they still have the male organ between their legs.

I understand like everyone's influenced by their people, I mean, that's something that you can't really escape. All interviews were audio-taped and transcribed verbatim by an independent professional transcriptionist. Participants in the current study did not specifically report having engaged in sexual behavior as a way of negotiating masculinity expectations.

Just trying to be me For some participants, the act of balancing masculinity and femininity was less about blending prescribed gender role expectations and more about dismantling them altogether. Although the strategies described by Thomas and Kevin served different functions, they both hid or avoided expressing any mannerisms that may indicate to others that they are gay.

Just be yourself. Transcripts were checked for accuracy by a research team member who listened to each tape while reading the transcription text and making edits where appropriate.

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We found that the youth in the current study described varied ways by which they negotiated their sense of who they are as xaddy men against the backdrop of a hegemonic masculinity that positions heterosexuality as a core feature Connell, The first section is relatively descriptive and is intended to lay the foundation for the second section by briefly detailing the messages participants reported hearing about masculinity.

Guiding research questions in the analytic process were: how do GBQ male adolescents think about masculinity?

I told them I was a little afraid but her dad assured he was a good lover. Thomas, Latino, 19 yrs. At one extreme, some of the young men described conscious efforts to alter their overall gendered presentation by permanently eliminating feminine behaviors and adopting masculine behaviors, serving both the function of avoiding anti-gay hostility and to fit in with male peer groups.

The second section provides a contextualized thematic analysis of the ways participants discussed cognitively and behaviorally negotiating masculinity in their lives. They're not father figures. These programs and other social action efforts need to acknowledge the multiple layers of powerful social messages and expectations related to masculinity that young GBQ men experience, dady the multiple systems within which these pressures are perpetuated.

In contrast to African American and Latino participants, European American participants were far more hesitant to elaborate on details regarding their ethnic identity and dlminant made connections between ethnic identity and gender or sexuality. Because adolescence is a critical time of transition during which multiple layers of identity are developed, MOSAIC targeted youth within middle to late adolescence, 15—23 years.

Dominat Machismo.

Like you can act anyway you want. Interviewer So I mean, then how do you…view yourself [as a man] being a gay male, because it's almost like, from what you're saying, like to be a man you need to be all these straight characteristics. I feel that being masculine and being gay, I feel that it's kind of a balance of both.

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The messages have an impact on adolescent males since they include implicit and explicit mandates for expected cognitions, dadfy, and behavior. No, you got to present yourself a certain way. As Wetherell and Edley suggest: What is missing is more fine-grain work on what complicity and resistance look like in practice. The participants who dominsnt this approach to balancing femininity and masculinity appeared to do so to create their view of manhood or personhood, one that integrated what they perceived to be the best of both gender qualities Interviewer So you've told me about the messages that you've gotten about what it means to be a man and how men are supposed to act.

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Maleness vs. However, more research is needed within a U. It makes me more, a lot more rounded as a person… Todd, African American, 19 yrs. Building connections with mentors and supportive adults in the community can offer youth a venue for discussing and continuing to analyze their various identities and connections in safe environments. In response to a question about how he viewed the messages about masculinity, Frank, a gay identified 18 year old, asserts his frustration with their restrictions: Interviewer Um, well, what do you think about those messages?

Some participants talked about experiencing high degrees of explicit pressure, verbal and physical, to conform to various aspects of the traditional image of manhood. Additionally, documenting the current and historical narratives of young GBQ males is an important contribution. Related to connections made by interviewees regarding sexuality and masculinity, study participants also reported hearing messages that men are expected to be highly sexualized, avoid emotional attachment in sexual relationships, and take a conquest perspective toward sex with women and sometimes men.

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The questionnaire had several sections, including demographic factors e. Thus, the more heterosexuality is considered synonymous with or a key component of dominant masculinity ideology, the more likely we might see similar strategies used by gay and bisexual men for negotiating both masculinity expectations and heterosexism. Among the empirical work that has dqddy discrete negotiating strategies specific to gay men in the U.

For example: Participant I rolled off the bed and I went completely off the bed and gqy my head and I started bleeding and crying. Because I don't think I should make better pay than anybody else. But I was always in the house with a bunch of females. Participant Um, I disagree with some of the stereotypes, like I said, about the homosexual men, how they, some people say they have to walk or talk or dress or act domjnant certain way.

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Like where is it different? If all of these behaviors were practiced with the consistent and correct use of condoms they would not present health risks. Though informative, generalizing the findings of these studies, which focused on adult gay and bisexual men, to the dominan of adolescent GBQ males may be problematic. Information from the validating interviews was used to modify the interview protocol before the final 16 in-depth interviews were completed.