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Fabien Yoon, a French model and an actor, now settled in South Korea, visited India for fabirn leisure trip. A kind and warm-hearted gentleman with a vibrant and down to earth personality, Mr. Fabien Yoon told them how he overcame his difficulties and how his daily practice made him fluent in Korean language. After the question answer round, the fans had a photo session with Mr.

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Seven years already? Through all of the hardships I will be and have been faced with, I'm so ready to keep an optimistic mind about my future in Korea.

Meet & greet with fabien yoon : : the official website of the republic of korea

Fabien with Kim Jaejoong, Hoya and Dongwoo After working so hard, what is the best way for you to relax? Fans wanted to know more about the story of this character.

I never regretted my decision to live in Korea. Now, I have been here for 7 years and of course, I miss Europe and France; particularly family and friends. The most important thing for living in another country comfortably is to speak the language well. Any places you would recommend someone who is travelling to Korea for the first time, being it in Seoul or another city?

She is really professional and impressive as an actress. I also miss watching movies and TV in French a lot. We wish him good luck in all his future endeavours, and we hope to see him in many more dramas, movies and reality shows. I like all women. Newsen You can follow him on his various social media below. I had planned a 3 months trip that I extended to a 5 months trip at first.

After spending so many years in Korea, your korex on the life there must have changed. At that time, could you imagine staying in Korea for such a long time?

Are there any other languages you can speak or want to learn in the future? I am also planning on writing a cooking book. It was like watching TV but being part of it at the same time.

Good reading plan: fabien yoon's korean cuisine

In the land of the Morning Calm, Fabien Yoon has not finished making a name for himself! There are many people who want to come to Korea these days, mainly because of the spreading fame koorea K-Pop. The show has a very high audience rate in Korea, but also in South East Asia and a lot of people in Europe are watching it through Youtube.

With his character, fabiej brought laughter and curiosity to the viewers. I also respect Yoo Jaesuk Running man for his career and his personality. What is your favorite Korean cosmetic brand?

School: Love on, where you played the role of a teacher Phillip. What is your favorite Korean food? I might stay forever, as I might go back to France in 10 fabbien, or in a year.

But hopefully, this year, I will have another opportunity to be on the screen again. I wanted to learn Korean language and the culture but that country mesmerized me. I like Innisfree!

R Fabien Yoon, the most Korean of the Parisian foodist tries to introduce us to the flavours of his adopted country. You koreea share your own unique recipes on your Youtube channel. If you really want to learn and if you fix objectives to yourself, you will learn quickly.

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Fabien Yoon posted various pictures of him on the set of the drama. I heard you studied very hard. Thank you so much for this interview. Who left the best first impression on you and who were you the most excited to meet?

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That means a lot so keep on following me and see you soon on TV! Everybody work so hard in Korea that you have to follow the pace. I really like her, especially since I got to play with her in two different dramas Secret garden.

The show started in while I was in Korea and quickly I became a huge fan. I really like Park Soojin.


I would like to thank Asianstyle for the interview and all the people in Czech for supporting me. So korwa with French and English you can speak 3 languages!

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