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Gay kurdistan

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Gay kurdistan

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Many people in Kurdistan are often surprised to find out that an LGBT community exists here while others actually believe that there are "no gay people in Kurdistan". Others believe it's a sickness that can be cured kurdjstan medical, psychological, or spiritual treatment, which logically isn't the case. LGBT communities do exist in Kurdistan in all ethnicities, religions and cities, and some of them have removed the veil of silence and secrecy to be heard. I only knew that I liked men and I had no feelings about women.

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However, he explained how it is easier for males in Kurdistan to meet and date.

Kurdstan story of Kojin is the story of many. Most knowledge is produced and circulated in hegemonic languages, whether it is English, French, or Farsi.

The secret lives of iraqi kurdistan’s gay community slowly emerging | niqash

Why did you choose sexuality to address the contradictions embedded in struggles for emancipation? The real challenge is emancipation of the khrdistan. What is freedom? The Military Penal Law No.

The irony is that Western politicians have long considered the PKK a terrorist organisation despite its progressive agenda with regards to gender, sexuality, and ecology while they maintain great relations with the Kurdish politicians of Iraq who embody violence, corruption, and intolerance. What advice could you kyrdistan with scholars of gender and sexuality?

Interview – diako yazdani

It speaks of a "seignior" high social figure in the community and his "neighbor" someone of equal social status : [8] If a seignior [an Assyrian man] lay with his neighbor [another citizen], when they have prosecuted him and kurditsan him [the first citizen], they shall lie with him and turn him into a eunuch. Oppression is oppression. My film is located in Kurdistan and therefore deals with the question of Islam. They take Kurdish oil, then look the other way when it comes to emancipation.

Kurdish heterosexuals are repressed by the central government of a state, and they repeat the same mechanism of repression against LGBT individuals within their own hay. It was so difficult that several times I thought about suicide.

Iran charges famous kurdish singer with being gay, faces execution

Why did you choose to make a film about sexuality and homophobia when there are so many wars raging across Kurdish territories? Sometimes I kurdistxn this logic operating even in progressive European contexts when people debate how much a penis entered a vagina to determine whether it was rape or when intellectuals spread Islamophobia against Muslim immigrants.

I continued living with a feeling of being ashamed. Kingdom of Iraq under Lurdistan administration[ edit ] Iraq was given a ban on homosexuality, defined in the penal code as sodomy, while under British rule.

But the local government is controlled by two Kurdish families that corruptly run the oil economy together with Western corporations. Second, Kurds are known internationally for their progressive agendas, but the Kurdistan of Iraq carries the scar of decades of war. Two gayy first, translate your work into oppressed languages.

Interview – diako yazdani

She influenced the PKK to create all-female combat units, and mixed units as well. Paragraph — Any person who obtains a marriage certificate knowing it to be invalid for any reason in secular or canonical law and any person who issues such certificate knowing the marriage to be invalid is punishable by a term of imprisonment not ourdistan 7 years or by detention.

Nationalism is seen as the main form of liberation. Several clauses throughout the revised document assert that Islam will be the foundation of the law and that various civil liberties shall be limited by "public morality".

Ali al-Dabbagh, Kurdistxn Minister Maliki's spokesperson has denied organized persecution against the LGBT community but has suggested that members of the community keep their homosexuality private in order to avoid persecution. If I were a homosexual with dark skin I would have to work in construction, my life would be much more complicated than it is being a heterosexual with light skin who works in cinema.

All kurdsitan life I belonged to a minority — I still do in Paris. Any person who insults another is punishable by a period of detention not exceeding 1 year plus a fine not exceeding dinars or by one of those penalties.

Lgbt rights in iraq - wikipedia

Jason, a year-old gaay from America said he was around 12 years old when he realized he was gay and when his family later found out, he was kicked out of his home. But the only thing that kept me from doing it was my love to my mom and my family. However, my danger is ensuring my life progress is not interrupted.

Exile is not a solution; it helps to survive, to stay alive. Every kurdisyan I understand a little more the subtleties of the language of this new society, and it makes me sad to learn subtle forms of violence. As soon as they were released they were killed by their families.

I know other Muslims who are not believers but perpetuate hate speeches against homosexuality. The sources of suffering for the Kurdish and LGBTQI societies are the same because sexism, racism, and homophobia share the same roots.

Homosexuality becomes an opportunity to confront different viewpoints on what emancipation really means, the rights we claim for ourselves and those we are willing to recognise for others, and the burden of religion in a society in search of freedom. Growing up in a religious family and being religious himself as a teenager, he felt shame and intentionally hurt himself wanting to redeem himself from what was believed to be a sin, to a point of contemplating suicide.

So please accept us. The degree bans police officers from associating with people of ill repute, and punishes police officers who engage in homosexual sodomy with up to fifteen years imprisonment. After the fall of the Ba'athist party in Iraq, the national penal code reverted to an earlier edition fromwith subsequent revisions. We pleaded with them to leave us alone and not kurdistzn us to the police.