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Gay pee sex story

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Gay pee sex story

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Friendship A Pef Visit It was the first time I had been to Fred's house and it was difficult not to marvel at the old Ford and ancient Chevrolet parked outside his two car garage. They were spotless and waxed to high shines. His huge living agy was lined with antique musical instruments, and in the center of the outer wall a magnificent electronic organ commanded the area. Fine art paintings, originals, decorated the walls.

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Gay piss stories

He was a young fifty-five and I was a young fifty. I pull of my didlo and spin round facing the mirror and pull apart my ass cheeks and flex my muscles until the creamy mixture runs out abit looking like I've been cream pied, which I always fantasize about, then back over to the dildo thrusting hard again to the tempo of the porn. Once all clean I work the dildo into my ass by sticking it to the tiled walls, then I work it about abit loosening myself up and getting used to it being up there.

She sprayed herself as the endless stream gushed, spilling over wex sides of the bed. He finished moments later.

I got home and I'm feeling very horny having gone 4 days without a wank and only 2 hours ago I was fucking seex ass. So I keeped myself worked up until about 2 o'clock and then I head to the toilets. I can feel my pfe getting wetter so decide its time to remove my thong. He came simultaneously, but in large spurts of cum flying up into the air and coming down like parachutes of paratroopers, splashing onto my belly.

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Mutual masturbation was part of the whole adventure, but this was the first time I had ever touched a man's penis other than for my own. I started to get up to negotiate to the bathroom to let go of some beer. The music was a flawless as a finished recording.

But I had promised myself I was going to take the plunge when the subject came up. s : 1 [ 4 reviews or rate or check all joey chambry stories.

I relax some more and push further inside me and open my ass some more which let's out a hot pour of piss from my ass and it feels awesome. He took hold of mine and started to pump and I never felt so good and was ready to cum immediately. His urine gushed into my shorts, and felt hot and wonderful as it cascaded up to the elastic just under my bellybutton and spread its hot caressing fluid down both my legs and into my awaiting shoes, above the top and puddled over onto the linoleum.

This was the nineties and it was time to walk out of the self-imposed straight jacket. However, what you really should see what we do together when Fawn comes to town on an a visit! I don't know how its done but its something that happens during hard self anal fucks.

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We walked into the bathroom. They tried many different things that some people might stiry weird or even dirty, like anal sex. Then out and clear up the bath, but everything away and hang my thong on the radiator to dry. I came first in a wave of excitement, gasping for breath, letting go of Fred's wand as the jelly like white juice jumped from my penis-head three or four inches, landing on the floor next to his feet. So I gather them up and head for a cubicle to clean myself out.

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I unzipped his trousers front, reached in and gently took his limber dick in my hand. Last night I ended up with the house to myself, so enjoyed every minute of it by having some kinky time alone. The need was such that my penis was becoming softer and was definitely reading itself to release the hot juice stored in my bladder.

At first, Barb did not care for it much, but after they read up on it a bit and tried some of the techniques suggested, she came to enjoy it. We both were breathing so heavily we could not speak. Dawn is Fawn's twin. Before washing myself down still in my thong giving that a good clean too. I put my hand under the stream and felt its warmth compete with the shower water.

His had a long foreskin, and its head hid in a dark cave of flesh.


It was the stoyr most exciting thing I had ever seen, experienced, or even dreamt. My life experience had been accomplished. Once in there I strip down to just my thong which is keeping the dildo in which I move to the side, push my ass to the wall and get the suction cup to stick to the tiled walls again. We forgot about Fawn, who by now had a bursting bladder.

I start ragging myself harder and faster, piss slopping about in my ass and leaking out down my legs, my cock encased in its wet pink thong, pretty much now continually flowing pee out now into my panties. A nice popping sound is heard as I pull away from the dildo slithering the panties down my legs to my ankles and then kicking them off whilst re inserting my rubber cock. In walked a beautiful young lanky lad, who I would judge to be fifteen or so.

So my sexy pink frilly thong comes out, smelling gzy.

We talked a while about his life and what brought me to his state. It was good!!

I got to go king-size! I felt my face redden as she started to towel me off.

Later that night Fred played some more Bach for us.