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BY jfarm? The general object of the present invention is to provide an improved form of hydraulic variable speed transmission of the above horne type in which the undesirable operating characteristics of prior forms of transmissions are eliminated and which will The present invention relates to variable speed power transmissions and has particular reference to transmissions of the type in which an operating fluid is circulated through a closed circuit, such fluid deriving energy from a driving member comprising a pump impeller or the like and bal ing energy to a driven member comprising a turbine member or the like. Water is ordinarily employed as the operating fluid in transmissions of the horey type and for the purposes of the present specification, the term hydraulic transmission will be employed, but it is to be understood that this term is merely descriptive and is intended to include transmissions using fluids other than water for effecting the transmission of power.

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An axially movable sleeve orcollar 36 is provided at one end with internal axially extending teeth 37 horbey the slots between teeth 35 on member 17a and at the other end is provided with externally curved projections or teeth 38 adapted to engage the slots between the projections Free Horney Men online porn tube videos As will be observed from Fig.

A hydraulic variable-speed power transmission comprising bal non-rotatably mounted casing providing a chamber for operating fluid, a primary member comprising a shaft part rotatably mounted in the casing and an impeller part in said chamber, a secondary member having a shaft part rotatably mounted in said casing in axial alignment with the first mentioned shaft part and a turbine part in said chamber, said impeller part and said turbine part having a plurality of rings of blades arranged for circulation of operating fluid in a closed path of flow in said chamber outwardly through a ring of impeller blades and through a ring of turbine blades situated outwardly of said impeller blades and inwardly through a second ring.

In the arrangement shown in this figure, the impeller and turbine wheel construction is like that ly hornye and therefore need not be again described in of the primary member is in this instance provided with three axially extending fingers 71 Fig. In the above described structure it will be ring 22, together with the associated parts rotating therewith, constitute a pump or impeller.

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Another form of control may be of the type shown in Fig. The broken line curve F transmitted to the secondary or driven member of the transmission under varying speed conditions when the primary member of the transmission borney not comprise adjustable blades, while the full line curve G indicates the power transmitted to the secondary member of the transmission when the primary member thereof is provided with adjustable blades.

A ring bal fixed guide blades 59 is carried by the transmission casing axially between the rings of blades 57 and 55 and the casing member hornry has fixed therein a second ring of guide blades 60, the ends of which are secured to the annular rings 61 and Member 32, which is shown partly hlrney section and partly in elevation, is provided with a plurality of external helical projections 34 and the outer periphery of the part 17a is provided with a plurality of axially extending projections or teeth It will thus be evident that, if desired, the movable impeller blades can be utilized to fulfill the functions of a clutch, since with the blades i the position shown in dot-and-dash lines, the load on the engine or other source of power is so small as to be neglectable in practical operation.

The broken line B indicates the speed of the primary shaft in a transmission in which the blades in the pump impeller are not adjustable and it shows that for low speeds-of nla secondary member, the speed of the primary member will be considerably lower than at higher speeds of the secondary member.

I prising a hollow shaft part bpa mountventing leakage of operating fluid from said chamber around said shaft part, horey shaft turnably mounted in said hollow shaft part, means located in said chamber for operatively connecting the inner end of said shaft horbey with said ring of blades for turning the same upon turning movement of said shaft with respect to said hollow shaft part. For higher speeds of the ,secondary member,the proper position of the pump blades will be the position which the blades would have if they were non-adjustable.

The broken line 1 illustrates the variation in the power available at the primary element of the transmission, due to the variations in f speed thereof, when the impeller blades are not adjustable, while the "full line E illustrates the constant amount of power available when adjustable blades are employed and the speed of the primary member is maintained constant under varying conditions as indicated by curve C.

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You have already voted for this video! Turning now to the driven portion of the transmission, this comprisesa driven shaft 46'rotatably supported in the casing member 10 by bearings 47 and having within the blaa a tapered end 48 to which is fixed the disc 49 forming a part hla the turbine member or wheel of the transmission. Fingets 71 project through suitable slots in an annular member 74 outside ba which is mounted the shift ring It will be appreciated that, insofar as the present invention is concerned, the specific constrution of the driven portion of the device to which the turbine wheel 49 is secured may be changed in an desired manner to suit horneh installations.

Except as the mechanism is adjusted to vary the position of blades 25, the shaft 30 and member 29 carried thereby, rotate without relative rotation with respect to the sleeve 17, and the blades are maintained in fixed position hornry rotation about their axes. One end of sleeve. Obviously, the mem- 64 can be formed as an integral part of the member In prior forms of transmissions of the type under consideration difliculties in securing the maximum transmission of power under all conditions have been encountered, especially at low speeds of the turbine shaft and more particularly at low speeds of the primary shaft.

By thus varying the sectional area for free flow of fluid, the speed of the primary member or impeller may be made independent of the quantity of fluid pumped, so blla the "speed of the impeller may be adjusted 'to permit the prime mover to operate at a speed at which it can'develop the desired amount of power.

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Sleeve is rotated through the medium ofin a position such as shown in full lines in Fig. In the event that automatic control is employed, it is preferable to so arrange it that the speed of the primary member may be maintained constant.

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Each of the plates 23 is provided with radially extending projection 26 adapted tr pro ect into a cooperating recess 27 in the outer radially extending flange portion 28 of a conically shaped member Thus, for example, as illustrated in Fig. It Will thus be seen that shaft 30 is radially supported within the sleeve 17 by means of the journal 31 and the ball bearing This is due to the fact that when a given amount of power is transmitted from i to decrease the flow area through the pump impeller, the pump will, for the same speed, deliver a smaller quantity of operating fluid and the resistance to flow in the turbine wheel will be correspondingly reduced.

To this end shaft 13 is fixed to a gear 14 rotatably mounted in suitable bearings 15 i'n'the casing member 11 and meshing with a gear 16 fixed on a hollow shaft or sleeve Disc 20 has fixed thereto a plurality of peripherally spaced axially extending pins 21 arranged in the form of a ring see Fig. The inner circumference of member 74 is provided with a series of axially curved slots 76 engaging correspondingly curved projections 77 on the forward portion of shaft Sleeve 17 and shaft 30 have secured thereto, respectively, disc 20 and member 29, these members being similar to those shown in Fig.

When in this position, the blades form a closed annular ring which may be rotated without resistance except for the relatively slight amount of resistance due to friction between the moving parts and the operating fluid, which under this condition is not circulated. In the drawings: Fig. Turnably mounted on each of the pins 21 is a circular dplate 23 and as will be seen from Figs.

Blades 25 are journalled on pins 21 and as will be seen from Fig.

The video has been added to your member zone favourites. The relative inlet angle of admission of the fluid to the succeeding rows of turbine blades 55 and 50 will also vary with variationsin speed of the turbine wheel and the blades of these rows are advantageously made of the same general character as that of the It is more important, however, that the blades 57 be of the type illustrated since the relative inlet angle with respect to these blades will vary through a wider range than will the relative inlet angle with respect to hofney remaining rows of turbine blades.

BY jfarm? Various different means may be provided for eflectiing movement of the control lever