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I beat hocd

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I beat hocd

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I had a lack of labido for about two months before it started due to some heavy drinking and some depression issues because a girl I thought I was going to date rejected me and I tend to get depressed for a while once things like that happen. I get the reapeating thoughts "Im gay, could I be gay, what if I am gay, am I gay" go through my head all day. I don't feel that they are true they started happening immediately after my friend who is gay asked me if Im sure Im not gay.

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Once that happens, your brain pays more attention to them, sort of, seeking them out to draw your attention to them. However Neat do like an point out that if you are a believer. I have also obsessed about other things before in my life. In other words, if you are heterosexual straightyou may now be concerned that you are gay.

How to beat hocd | ocd action | the uk's obsessive compulsive disorder charity

Learning to manage anxiety is fundamental to the changes you have to make in order to overcome HOCD, that is why I included an entire program dedicated to managing anxiety, with the course on overcoming HOCD! User friendly steps to overcoming HOCD Learn how to work with your thoughts and images This can be achieved using CBT where you will be taught how to correct your thought processes.

The reason why I believe you feel this way is because your suffering in silence, these thoughts are not physical and no one knows what exactly now going on or what your thinking. Let me guess asking yourself Is there a common ground here? I believe how it works is that all those false illusion was created by doubt and mostly fears.

It may to some extent The good news is, that HOCD can be completely cured! This need to know 'for sure', is no different to someone with repetitive cleaning OCD needing to know 'for nocd that the surface they have just cleaned is absolutely clean; they always have doubt. Last but not least, this is important.

You wanna know how to beat hocd

So the only way you can tell if its real or not, is by using fear it selfits like the law hocc gravity. Just agree with everything your mind throws at you and eventually it will just shut up. Also do you drink heavily and have you had other obsessions before?

Lower your anxiety and uocd then go from there. Imagining, or fantasising, being with a member of the same sex, to check out your theory that you might be gay. I wasted 3 years of my life just ruminating 24 hours a day. It is very beah difficult for someone with a repetitive cleaning form of OCD to escape their obsession and the cause of their troublesome symptoms - short of maybe going to live in an industrial electronics dust free 'clean room' where silicon wafers are manufactured and processed!

It's just that it's very difficult gocd not get your mind to recognize what you're trying to do. A quick tip, many people feel they are in denial or repressed because they sit in isolation and are bombarded with homosexual thoughts. I would get gay thoughts sometimes but they would just fade away from memory almost right away.

But it is still having an effect on your feelings and behaviour. For when I am weak, then I am strong.

Manage anxiety and stress This is a must. His Love prevailed. In addition to this, we as human beings do not do change well — it makes us anxious! Am I in closet?

If you are anxious about the thoughts in your head relating to HOCD, your brain may pick up on this and very loosely hocr, mark them as a threat. Oh yh when you panick and think I'm turning gay don't google anything anything just say yh I'm gay then move on you gotta be consistent if you wanna conquer your mind like I have.

You wanna know how to beat hocd | your brain rebalanced

Avoiding women is your HOCD is related to feeling that you are lesbian. You have learn to be strong when it comes to the time where you have beaf to check. People who are gay, know that they are gay, beyond a shadow of a doubt. I applied this same technic to my shaky hands in public fear I made shaking in public the goal and guess what I no longer shake because I feared shaking I shacked.

The doubt arises because: The thoughts in your head are so foreign to who you are as a person, and because you attach some ificance to the thoughts, you start to believe that they must mean something. Avoiding participating in things that you believe are too manly or too female. But keep this is mind, you can't FEAR something and enjoy it at the same time.

This in itself is a symptom of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder — that need for certainty, which I shall talk to you about in the next section. Here you go are you ready So in short I think it is HOCD trying to trick you into believing that you didn't have any feelings for the girl because you said yourself in your post that you wanted to be with her. It took me about months to be totally free.

Steps for overcoming hocd - self help and professional help

Why this helps Once you stop avoiding, you are starting to get your life back to normal, but in order to do this, you need to be able to manage stress. Fear is the fuel for Hocd or any other ocd…and by only being with opposite sex and always checking to see if you are still attracted to opposite sex. There were battle going on in me for sure. This is the question I get asked the most.

Oh God what was that?. I stayed away from opposite sex.

Or did O just get turned on by same sex,? This can be done sometimes by the therapist 'challenging' the need to carry out the symptoms that create so much anxiety and worry and are taking up so much time, and are so exhausting, and so inconvenient for the sufferer and their family, friends, and work colleagues.

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It like a annoying kid trying to get attention by just trying to argue with you every step of the way. Never right.

With that being said I've learned to talk about it with my therapists and learned how severely I am actually depressed, I don't even really understand how I feel so that's a good indication my state of mind. You hoccd avoid going out or mixing with same sex couple, or showing support in any way for same sex couples. No I don't think you or I are "gay", I would say if you don't feel good about life in general, you may be depressed.

But then he adds, But that was to make us rely not on ourselves but God.