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I fucked my sisters husband

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I fucked my sisters husband

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If you are under 18 years old, please leave this immediately! I went to my sister, but she was gone, only her husband was there.

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I went to bed, but then he came in the room and asked me if we were going to have sex. It made me feel hysband a sexy slut and I loved feeling like that again.

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He buried his face between my legs and started licking my pussy, after a few minutes m stood up, grabbed me by the hair and just shoved his cock inside my mouth, he didnt ask permission for anything, he just took it. He took off my shirt and then he licked my nipples. I told him I was going to leave already, but he said it was too late and I can sleep in the other room.

He told me to lick his chest and his shoulders while he was fucking me, I sure obeyed him. He knew I wasnt on the pill so after enjoying me for 20 to 30 minutes he just told me "Im gonna cum in your mouth" again he didnt ask, he just told me what he wanted.

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I had not been fucked that hard since I was single and boyfriends wanted to fuck me simply because they were horny and wanted to fuck. I loved that.

My sister's husband fucked me I recently had sex with my sister's husband at my house while everybody else was out. I wanted to go, but he told me to stay and have a cup of coffee, so I stayed.

We started kissing, he xisters his hand under my t-shirt and started massaging my boobs. I went to my sister, but she was gone, only her husband was there. I swallowed all his sperm.

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He put his arms around me, started kissing me and I just j stop him. I guess we just couldnt avoid it any longer, I have felt this very strong animal attraction brewing between us for a long time. So I did.

We continued the whole night. He then started fucking me on top of my bed, he was rough, I mean he just grabbed me by the legs and fucked me very hard. sisers

I called home and said my sister was there and I was going to stay with her for the night. He fucked me in the missionary and doggy.

We fell on top of the table, exhausted, breathing hard, gasping for air, I couldnt believe it, I had not been fucked like that in such a long time and I absolutely loved it. I took off his pants and took his fat dick in my mouth. I loved the roughness of it. He took fucke to my own room, to my own bed and just started doing everything he wanted.

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He pulled his cock out of my body ,y put it in my mouth, I sucked him really good until I felt his juices filling the insides of sizters mouth, I tasted it and swallowed it all, I loved the taste of his semen and I kept on sucking him because I wanted to have the last drop of semen out of his cock. We are going to follow this passion to wherever it takes us. If you are under 18 years old, please leave this immediately! I was so horny I started moaning with pleasure. After fuc,ed he just fucked me every way he wanted, I think he screwed me in 4 different positions, he enjoyed my body and I loved the fact that he enjoyed it that much.

After a few minutes I walked him to the door and we said goodbye, I have absolutely no idea what will happen from now on, Im not going to look for it, but if he wants to fuck me again, I sure as hell will not say no. I still cheat on my sister with her husband, but what can I do… he just drives me crazy.