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Lost dogs roanoke va

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Lost dogs roanoke va

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Is the animal a cat, a dog, or another species? If the latter, what species of animal is it?

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Lost dogs in roanoke, va - lost my doggie

Members of the public that find a stray animal may hold the animal for the required stray hold period; however, they must report the animal as found. If the injury was caused by a dog or cat, Animal Wardens will attempt to locate the animal and place it on a 10 day quarantine period to observe for s of illness.

For example, a description of the pet: it's coloring, size, markings, gender. If llst pet was injured by a dog, contact Animal Wardens at or The animal wardens are not trained to handle wildlife calls and partner with Virginia Conservation Police to make sure those incidents have an adequate response.

Education and prevention are two of the main objectives of the unit. All dogs over 4 months old must be d in the jurisdiction where they live.

If the latter, what species of animal is it? Led by Senior Warden, Theresa Jenkins, the animal wardens are fully trained to help you in all of your animal protection and services needs.

Area Animal Control In addition, if you are missing your animal, please contact the appropriate locality below to alert the Animal Control Officers. Wardens are always here to ensure that you receive the correct information when it comes to animal welfare and pet laws. Is the animal a cat, a dog, or another species?

If the bite was from a dog, Animal Wardens will investigate the incident to determine if any charges need to be filed. Please include your contact information, name sphone sand address es.

Is the animal wearing a collar? To reach an animal warden, call You may images or videos of the lost or found pet to be included in the post on the toanoke. For lost pets, is the animal microchipped? If you find a wild animal you believe is sick or injured, you can contact a d wildlife rehabber in your area.

We try to match up the lost reports with any animals that come into the shelter and also those found animal reports from the public. If Your Animal is Not a the Shelter If your animal is not at the shelter, please fill out a lost pet report PDF and we will fogs that report for 30 days.

If the injury was caused by a wild animal, Animal Wardens will attempt to locate the animal and send it to VDH for testing. We are the only open intake municipal shelter in the Roanoke Valley that accepts stray companion animals. For emergencies involving pets and other animals please call