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Mature gay male stories

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Mature gay male stories

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Encounters Older for Older It was one of those early spring mornings that I couldn't sleep. As I have grown older, the nights have left me more restless.

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I never had a cock that big to play with by my choice. This all started back in late when I inherited and shortly afterwards moved into my Aunt Helen's small country ranch home located on Pine Bluff Court.

Older for older - gay sex story

He would some times touch my chest, tweak a nipple, massage my stomach and then he would slowly reach under my towel that covered the lower half of my body. We played with each other's cocks as we kissed deeply. For the majority of my years, even though I had married and had a beautiful daughter, I have always considered myself a bi-sexual man--a keen attraction for both men and women. One night I posted a status that i was going out for a drive and that i would be wearing black crotchless panties and barely black stockings.

His profile discribed him as a dominant black male 6'4" with a 10 inch thick cock. In the morning I made sure my pussy was fresh, inserted the plug and proceeded to put on my lingerie before getting dressed and packing the car. Where do you live? That's unusual--most guys don't suck you once they cum. I replied back and almost immediately he responded. I called out, "Karl? One bonus of the pandemic is I let my normally short male hair grow out into a blonde wispy curly style.

I would play with the man's cock that was servicing me, but not suck him One night in the baths I was naked waiting in my room and a big, tall, black man entered, came directly over to me and put his cock on my lips and said, "Suck it, baby. After completing my second year of college, a couple of friends and I decided to get a hotel room and party.

That's not too bad for a guy of sixty-five. My skirt just above my stocking tops and garter straps so everyone could see as I passed them, my long black wig blowing as the air passed through it, of course my hard falsies pushing out my tight top from under my bra.

He seemed stoties interested in the fact i was wearing stockings. My cock looked full and ready for a morning of fun. He demanded, "Come on, suck my monster. I sniffed his maleness, grabbed his cock-head and licked it.

Gay male porn stories

I just lay there and enjoyed each roll of his tongue. Do you really want my big cock.?

I knew when we married that she had many lovers. As I sucked his tongue, I grabbed his cock and in return he took my dick into his hand. My favourite master liked them so I sent a message asking if he wanted to see them in storiew flesh. That would b e great.

Mature gay stories post : a gay sex

Before i knew it mlae had a message from him. Chat rooms for Gay Men 50 plus and Older Gays were available through different service providers. I paint make toe and fingers nails bright red, put on some crimson lipstick, I put my outfits in my bag, slipped on some jeans and trainers and headed round. I closed the bedroom door. Then I would go lie down naked on the small bed in my dimly lit cubicle and wait for some strange man to come in.

Gay male stories

As he was getting dressed I asked what he did for work, he answered, "I'm a doorman in a luxury building in Manhattan. We had community bathrooms with a few different shower stalls. But in my senior years, I have become more and more attracted to men. I turned on the hot water in nature shower and stepped in.

That opened a new experience for me. I remember one man saying, as he bay my dick into his hand, " Nice little Louisville slugger. He scooted next to me and put his arm around me. He was standing up with a great view for me and was jacking it slowly.

Older for older

I reached for his balls. As I played with his cock, he pulled himself up and twisted his body to face my hardening cock. Mr Smith and Mr Jones.

I'm a little older 50 to be exact but I'm in good shape and take care of myself, so in essence I feel and look no older than in my middle 30s. He took off his shoes and then his shirt. I had given him my cell and asked him to call when he gzy off the subway a few blocks from my house.

We were all going to meet up at the camping site later that afternoon, I had organised with Graham to car pool together in the morning. I love the hardness, --the mushroom head--a pair of full balls that I roll in my fingers feels like large erotic be and Fay desire a firm ass that I can squeeze like loaves of homemade fresh bread. He was a great cocksucker!