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Mom son seduction stories

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Mom son seduction stories

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I'm a 43 year old woman I make a decent living selling insurance. I'm mmom, petite but work out 3 or 4 times a week to stay fit. I consider myself fairly normal or at least I did. I've been single for about 10 years.

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I am not sure of her thoughts, but all I could think of seducrion stealing another kiss. I got my first job at a Golf club, but got fired after being caught masturbating in the woman's locker room by a female player. But oh shit this is my son.

Mother gives in to son’s seduction

I needed to regroup. To my delight he said sure. I was having a hard time catching my breath and my cunt was gripping his cock.

It didn'take long and I came harder than I had in a long time. Shot after shot don her pussy with his love juice until it overflowed onto the bed. Omg don't stop. Again I kissed the top of her head and resisted the urge to pull her chin up to allow me to kiss her lips.

The seduction of my mother - free taboo story on

I got some more lotion and switched to my other leg. He was right I needed more. It's seducttion it's my fault I knew you were watching I wanted you to see how sexy your mom could be. I moved his hand to my thigh and spread my legs and little to give him better access he moved his hand up and started to feel me Omg it was so sexy knowing his cock was pumping cum into her mouth for some reason i was wishing seductioj was my mouth that was wrapped around his cock I wanted to smell and taste him.

I walked out to the kitchen.

I melted. I am not going through the emotional headaches of another relationship — here we have perfect peace and love. We clutched at each sories as the kiss progressed; it became more urgent, my hands roamed across her naked back she moaned as she worked my robe off. Due to my work and the distance between us, we had not seen each other in many months.

A mother's seduction | incest story from miss l | an erotic story

How I wanted to spike her drink or make it double strong!! Over the next few days, I paid her compliments as often as I dared, and took liberties with hugs and kisses more than a son should. I spread my pussy lips and gave my clit a rubbing. This should be the angel that seductiom give him the best view.

I heard her come up and go to her room, and when me met going to the stairs I saw that she had changed into a lovely skirt and blouse that fueled my desires. He pushed me back on to the bed and lifted my legs up and put the tip storiez his cock just at my cunt lips but held it there. God I wanted him to be as turned on as much as i was I stood up and looked in the mirror I could see some movement in the cracks in the door where is cock would be.

Great than it's a date I said I don't think he got my hint though. Fuck mommy's pussy and I came again I could feel my cum dripping out and i was so wet you could hear smacking of wet pussy as his cock was going in and out of me.

He said God your pussy feels good as he started to fuck me. Mine isn't so bad is it?

The seduction of my mother

We kissed slowly I felt her tongue part my lips and work into my mouth, the sheet had fallen from her totally and she was nude from the waist up. That's it cum for me baby damn it looked hot and I came again and gushed a little he was about to cum and tried to pull out. I put on a white silk robe that only comes down to the thigh but left it loosely tied so that it would be mostly open.

She went back to sucking on his cock.

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He disguised himself so that they could not recognize him and had fun. I whispered in his ear oh god mommy loves you. Her hand reached for my head and she pulled it towards hers, her lips touched mine and we kissed slowly, I knew the drink had affected her and pulled away slowly. Now I was going to be staying with her for a few weeks while I looked for a new home.

Before he could answer I put me finger up to his lips. I pulled into the driveway and went to the back door and saw my sedcution light on. His hand rubbed her thighs as they parted, she was exposing her inner secrets to her son, her pussy ached to be touched, and as his hand moved closer he knew he could not and did not want to stop.

Her sheet had fallen from her shoulder, exposing the hill of her breast, she made no attempt to cover up, my eyes feed on the sight of her soft skin, sefuction eyes followed mine and she smiled. I went to my mirror and got some lotion on my hand and started to rub it on my neck. I then hatched a plan.

Needle point was know as lovers lane, high above the town you could look onto the lights of the streets below.