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My first taste of cum

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My first taste of cum

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Re: first taste of cum Originally Posted by jackbirdjay When did you first taste cum??? For me I was 14 seen pics of blow jobs was already jerking off a lot.

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That was Sunday night and we made plans for the following Saturday.

In my ass half that many times. At dinner my thoughts turned to her brother who was wearing only loose shorts, he had a little belly which, to this day, I still like on a man. My Friend Anonymous Well here goes By the light of his TV I could see him on his bed, dick in off, just the way I wanted him. Taset was probably fantasising about us in the next room!

I squeezed his balls and he pushed my head down faster, letting go he knew I knew what to do now and let me go to work. We made out for a few minutes while I stroked him and then he told it was time to eat his cum. He is gone 66 and left me craving more at And he pounded me hard like that until he shot in me like a stud horse and I swear it was the best sex I had ever experienced. I have also posted this on other thre here. She got completely naked this time, my whole body went hold and cold and I was very red in the face.

It must have been at least 8 inches long.

My first taste of cock

My heart pounded as I answered the door but our chats and phone calls helped break the ice. It was my first taste of Cum Semenand it was not as bad as I imagined it would be.

She also blindfolded me. He followed with 7 long bursts of cum into my mouth and he was right With that he pushed me to my knees and told me to put my hands behind my back and keep them there. I could feel his erection, hard in his pants as we embraced.

My first taste of cum

I wonder if she knew the taste. But next time he asks me out, I will definitely say Yes if he asks me to have real sex. Despite my naturally exploratory nature I was a quiet girl and mainly kept to myself so I was a little apprehensive ifrst making new friends. The tip of his dick was wet and I went down and licked it, he shivered with pleasure but stopped me suddenly. David fell back onto my sofa completely exhausted.

He was definitely the dominating type I was looking for. I was nervous, I thought it might have just been heat of the moment but when I looked up at her there was no shame on her face, only lust. After dinner we went upstairs to her room passing her brothers room where I sneaked a look through the door, he was reading comics on his bed.

It was obvious he knew what I wanted. Share this:.

My first taste of cum - free first time story on

I licked the taate again and probed his anus with a wet finger until he was tasge again. Clara and I hugged again and I left. I have to say I proceeded with an internet search of bi or gay guys in my area. He would leave the door unlocked and I could sneak in and crawl in bed with him under the covers and crawl up and suck him off while he slept.

First taste of cum porn videos |

We traded pics and as soon as I saw his cock I was very intrigued. The main reason He probed around my hole and moved a finger down to my anus which he firsf round in circles filling my lower half with pleasure that ran up my spine.

David wanted a full week kf build up as much cum as possible for my first time. Finely I was able after many tries able to lick the tip of my cock. I had promised to do whatever she asked of me.

My first taste of cock

This was my fantasy come true and I eagerly anticipated getting all that cum he had been building for the last week. Luckily a nice weird girl took me under her wing.

Last week he asked me out to a movie. For me I was 14 seen pics of blow jobs was already jerking off a lot.

I thanked her, said something similar and placed my hand on her hip. I let it slide down my throat and savoured the taste in my mouth, it was glorious, I was onto something special here! I told him this is what I had wanted to do for a long time and I didn't want to regret not going all the way.

I got pretty flushed and a bit wet as my mind drifted in to fantasy but I kept my cool and we continued our conversations until it was time to go home. Before I dropped back to my knees he warned me that he was a large cummer and that he might be too much for my first time.

He asked me again if I was completely ready to swallow for him. Some oral.

Processing your request, Please wait My parents had gone to bed. My late wife had st up a party for her birthday over a long weekend. At ttaste I decided I had to act on my urges and my biggest curiousity was swallowing a full load of cum from another guys cock. He told me how good that felt and how hot it was to watch me swallow it all for him.

And got naked.