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My wife loves wearing satin blouses sex stories

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My wife loves wearing satin blouses sex stories

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This author has yet to write their bio. Meanwhile lets just say that we are proud Satin King contributed a whooping 4 entries. My lovely wife was wearing a jean skirt with a hemline that hit just above her knees. Her cute V-neck tee shirt accentuated her upstairs assets nicely.

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Terri called over another lady, who began to take measurements for alterations, and without even batting an eye she asked Mummy if I would be wearing breast forms, or would I go as is.

They were teal blue silk with lace panels on either side, and a small black bow in the center. We entered.

These two creepy women took advantage of me! part 1

I tried to get up from her lap but again she stopped me from getting up like if I was a naughty child trying to run away. I was now cuffed and naked except for an overly tight corset. I walked on higher and higher heels every day, until I could navigate in a ladylike manner on even 6 inch stilettos. Like a robot, I did as I was told, and a large, rubber gag shaped like wearinf penis was jammed into my mouth, and the straps buckled behind my head!

Now might be a good time to describe myself. I looked down at the wooden chair, and noticed two things right away.

This included Sissy Kiss, Fictionmania, Crystal's Story Site, and Birchplace Shop, I Love Ruffles, along with many other sites that had sissy and cuckold stories, and many more that sold sissy clothing and adult baby items. This ginger midget just laughed and said to me that I am mis-reading the creep factor.

She installed him on the blousing couch. From there it was into the tub, where my mother, dressed in a lace trimmed plastic apron, bathed me like a baby, and washed my hair.

Satin ecstacy - free fetish story on

Now, it will take us two hours to get there, and two back, plus our shopping and lunch, so you won't see us until sometime late this afternoon. Finally, with the wedding just two weeks away, I was told lovez get dressed in the clothing I would find laid out in the wearibg bedroom. Mommy just gave you your ba-ba. So, will you marry me, or do we part company, today, here and now?

It turns out I was right to be scared.

Blouse fetish satin story - picture xxx

I could either say "Goodbye," or, "Yes Maam. Hmmm, I think I'll have you in pink this morning.

I'm only doing what I think it is you want. All Wfe could do was wiggle my pantied ass, which caused no end of amusement to the ladies. With a warning to only say one of two things, my gag was unbuckled, and I was told to speak my decision. She now had a nifty little program that allowed her to sit at home and see what I had been accessing on my home computer. Then I was forced to dance with all of the men at the reception, and more than one whispered that they wished I was their bride.

Aunty betty's satin blouses part 2b

I didn't think you deserved the gentle approach, as you were a naughty girl before we left the house, and then you never even thanked poor, hardworking Terri for helping you find such a pretty wedding gown. From bottom to top, I was wearing white patent Mary Janes with a rather narrow3 inch heel, white stockings, a pair of pink satin panties with enough lace to make a wedding gown, a painfully tight corset with garters running under my satin sissy panties, and a very short, pink satin, French maid's dress, also trimmed in white lace.

These cuffs forced me to hold my hands together, as there was only one tiny link of chain between each one. I took a deep breath, and relaxed.

As soon as I opened my mouth to protest, she jammed blousds in, and buckled it tightly. There were no black or red, anything. I was taught how to walk in heels, how to give manicures and pedicures, how to curtsey, how to serve meals, how to do laundry with special attention to My Lady's bloseshow to iron, to clean the house, and all the other things that I would be doing from then on.

I guess I qualified or would soon qualify for the fairy part. With that she jammed the gag back into my mouth.

I told her about how sexy she looked in satin and silk, and how I loved the feel weaaring the fabric sliding along her smooth skin, and just how wonderful it was to unwrap her delectable body for sex. She told me to keep them hidden, and wear them, and not her good lingerie.

These two creepy women took advantage of me! part 1 - new sex story

She told me the wine was for later, but now she wanted me to open the top package on the bed. As of tonight, you have officially stopped being a man in any way, shape, or form. I just hung my satni and mumbled, "Yes. It did NOT escape my attention that the straps were threaded under my panties.

Vincent melted with adoration as he caught the heady perfume of her blouse closet. My wife was going out with another man, and knowing that her panties were on over the garters told me what she had in mind for this very lucky man!

The silk panties in my mouth seemed to absorb any moisture, leaving my mouth painfully dry, and of course, with the large pacifier stuffed in my mouth and tied tightly, there was no way to lick my dry lips for relief. With the plug firmly in place, she pinned a thick diaper on me, and pulled up a pair of pink satin panties with a plastic liner.

It was a bag of ice, and I screamed with pain as my penis shriveled up until I looked like a 5 year old boy standing there.