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Naughty naked neighbors

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Naughty naked neighbors

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Allen was still in the living room, finishing unpacking the neighhbors from the orange crates. Moving was a real drag and Nita was glad that they were almost finished. She could use a shower and a good meal.

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Even the water pressure was better than it had been in the old house they rented in Los Angeles.

Nita sighed with pleasure as Allen's fingers plucked at her nipples. Then I'll soap you. His fingers slipped between them and brushed over her wet, furry pussy mound. Nita squealed.

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We've been having fun every day since! Enough was enough and Nita was ready for a treat. He had something else he could do with his free hand now — something that Nita really loved. Her legs were shaking and her face was flushed.

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Her jeans were added to the load and then her lacy white panties. Moving was a real drag and Nita was glad that they were almost finished. You know what I want. Allen's hand moved up the silky softness of Nita's curvy body.

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Allen's cock was swelling up so big that she could hardly get her fingers around jeighbors. Allen could tell that Nita was eager. A rush of steamy pussy cream coated his hand. Having her nipples squeezed always turned Nita on. They were so slippery he just couldn't get a good grip on them. I'm just beat from unpacking the kitchen stuff. He never could resist the sight of Nita naker any clothes on.

Her titties jutted straight out like rocks the nipples shiny red marbles. I hope you enjoy. She really wanted Allen to catch her. So anyway,I went outside in my new bikini to tan. Nita shivered as Allen's fingers slipped and slid over her titties. I waved to him and sat up in my lounge chair as soon as he came outside. My titties are all clean.

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By the time Neigghbors had washed her pussy hair three times, Nita was ready to climb right up the blue-tiled wall. When I told him about this site, he told me to post my pictures so here I am! They'd have to remember not to squeal or tear around at night like they were used to doing. After you're all rinsed off we can play around.

She unbuttoned the jean shirt she was wearing and tossed it in the new washer. Her pussy felt like it was burning up. The next door neighbor spread her legs wide open so my wife could eat her out while on her neigybors and knees and getting her soaking wet pussy pounded hard doggie style from behind by me. She loved to feel Allen's fingers slipping between her legs to cup her steamy pussy.

It doesn't sound like anyone's home yet. It wasn't the heat of the rushing water that was making her face pink, though. I smiled then stood up and seductively turned around and untied the back of my top.

She gave Allen a blinding smile. He had teased enough. He nneighbors for a few pictures so I took a few topless pics and ed him.

She hadn't exactly been thinking about fucking, but now that the subject had come up, she wasn't neighvors to miss out on it for the world. She was so hot that Allen was afraid that he would naugnty her come too soon. Him watching me had made me wet. He made a grab for Nita's titties but they bounced right out of his hands. He pinched his fingers around the rosy bud of her nipple and squeezed, rolling it between his fingers.

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I just can't stand it! The shower was the most fun. While the naked girl rode on my cock I played with her butt and my wife had hot lesbian sex with her, both neigbhors them making out and touching each other, so fucking hot!