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Punters planet

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Punters planet

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The escort directory and reviews website most popular in Australia.

Age: 45
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City: Fort Kent
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We started with our discussion and reviews forums, and one year later we set up the first version of our escort guide or directory. This was never going to happen. I thought he was a little pushy to start with but seemed nice enough and was messaging me daily.

There was no house being sold to any developer as it turned out. In the time I knew Andy I wanted so badly to have faith and trust in him.

I'm over 18 and wish to enter Punter Planet. Any text where I asked when he thought he would be home from a trip or what he had done that day out of interest would go unanswered. That is, plqnet be to go-to site for comprehensive information about the best value punts at any and all price levels. I learnt a lot. Why make up elaborate stories.

Punter planet

This was apparently put on by the gardener who had cut the grass too close to an old shed and he had told council it had asbestos in it. He told me he was the Commercial Manager for the 7 Network and had a busy role with long hours and the occasional trip away. Thank you Andy for reminding me that not everything is as it seems at times and to trust your instincts. Then more sudden, last minute trips occurred.

But as he had told me many times before when I questioned him, I was told to not put pressure on him as he has enough stress already. This was just one story of many though. I felt terrible for him and with the very minimal contact it was hard to support him which made me feel even worse. And occurred nearly weekly. I know his name is not Andy Merangoes as he had told me. I know he never worked for 7.

Punters planet – the andy tchappat story

If I ever questioned him I would be told to trust him, he would never do the wrong thing by me and that we will be ok. This time to give away and sell his furniture from a house he had alledgedly sold in Hobart to a developer. He said that he was trying to deal plante it in his own head and to be a good partner. Please browse or search our escort directory; we are sure you'll find the right companion for you.

It was often like I was dealing with a 10yo child who was having a tantrum. What sort of a man lies to their partner.

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The escort directory and reviews website most popular punteers Australia. I had the pleasure of having Andy contact me through an online website in August this year. Not that that mattered, I wanted him to just be him. I believe this was an end of lease clean he was doing on a house he had been renting.

He did tell me on 2 occasions that he knew the months we had spent together to that point had been bad and that he promised things will improve. To fulfil a fantasy? However, it's our hybrid nature of forum and directory that probably sets us apart from many others, as we need to balance everyone's interests, yet never forgetting our foundational philosophy.

Welcome to punter planet

When we met I found him well spoken, intelligent, funny and very charming. Then he entirely dissapeared on the 4th week for 8 plaent with minimal contact. Wines, non-stop laughs and walks around Sydney after work and on weekends. I lost nothing except my time. Especially that if it all seems too good to be true then it probably is. Those planef were in the same place I think all the other promises were of holidays and weekends away.

He said that all the women in his life were easy to keep happy as he had no real feelings, therefore he could lie and tell them whatever they wanted to hear. I should have left at that point. Suddenly all the anxiety disappeared and I felt plznet peace knowing the truth. I like to see the good in the people I meet and choose to spend my time with.

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Is it to impress? It is common for some to associate the concept of escort reviews with the name Punter Planet, and use them interchangeably, even when we naturally punyers claim to be the only review site nationally or internationally. We met most nights and went for walks, dinner and drank wine together.

I questioned that and he told some story of his ex of 4 years in Sydney always demanding he tell her where he is so he now chose not to tell his partner where he was by choice. Hello Blogs.

Be proud of that. The trip was actually spent lunching and out drinking with various women with only a quick visit to see his children. Most of our pioneering members came from forums of a similar nature but we obviously set out to give our site its own personality. By this point I was very suspicious and could no longer ignore the slip ups and changes in his stories and the behaviour that was becoming more and more punrers and erratic each week.