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She likes being watched, sex story

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She likes being watched, sex story

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This is a print version of story Being watched and watching by Penny4ivor from xHamster.

Age: 24
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She turned to show him her nakedness. You will?. I then remembered that the window cleaner was due on his monthly visit.

He immediately unzipped himself, and grasped his penis, and gave it a slow wank to relieve some of pressure. She lay back and let him do it, and soon started to come, she moaned deeply, and pushed down on his hand.

She let go and the wztched of spunk were hanging between her hand and his cock. I asked Sara if she would get on her back which she did willingly, however I asked her to turn to the window with her legs apart. Occasionally she would take him out her mouth, as Alan started to fuck her harder, and just wank him, and his cock shaft would rub across her face. He leant down and took her nipple into his mouth, licking, sucking as her nipple grew hard, and gently biting on it, for a minute.

He groped her tits and smoothed his come over her nipples.

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I had never known my girl this way but it was so exciting. Her response was a shaking voiced, "No. He had to adjust himself, and Alan noticed this. We did fantasise about what happened for weeks after and I did find that I started to think about my girl fucking another guy which we fantasised about also. He tongue fucked her as best as he could, then got up on his knees, and grasped his hard-on, pulled his foreskin back to show his deep purple knob, and pushed it against her pussy, then pulled it up, so her cunt lips, pulled round it.

He sat on the sofa next to them, wanking himself, as they both watched.

I like to replay these situations later when I masturabte and develop the situation in imagination seh the point where the man starts to take it out and wank for me and let me handle him and then watch him shoot a load for me. After a minute of doing this and looking over at Simon, making eye contact, then lowered her mouth onto his tool.

Being watched - girlfriend watched

She wiped her hand on his thigh, but Simon could see it was still shiny with his juices. I got to work getting her in the mood with my tongue; she loved me licking her out and she was as wet as ever. She stared at it and gently started fucking her husband again. It's not particularly advanced in a sexual sense but for us it was a big deal! Alan moaned that he was going to come soon, and she lifted off.

She nodded. She was so sweet though, so I didn't think she would ever arrange for it to happen.

So I can imagine you asking me what would be my perfect fantasy for being watched and then watching. Looking into his eyes with a cock in beihg hand and about to take it into her mouth. If found posted anywhere other than Lushstories. Elaine was drunk as well.

It felt painfully sensitive as she sucked on him, tasting his spunk. There are two of these. She leant forward into him, and Simon could see her pussy lips being stretched around the shaft and her puckered asshole. He immediately got horned up at the thought of her playing with her pussy.

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I masturbate thinking about my girl showing the window cleaner her moist juicy lips and what he would be thinking after sh our windows. I never really thought about it actually happening and in any case my girl would not have agreed to arrange for it to happen. He begins to take his cock out and seh. She then took a cock in each hand, and started to wank them with both hands. You never know.

Llkes was running her lips down the whole length of his cock, and he rolled his head back, and closed his eyes. I did not expect this from Sara and my excitement grew.

His own and Alans. Simon pulled his shirt over his head and dropped it on the floor.

He leant forward to took her slim fingers into his mouth and tasted her juices, and could still recognise the taste of spunk. Tags: girlfriendwatched First sye being watched fucking my girl It was a Saturday morning and mum and dad were out shopping; we knew they lokes be a while. When they went outside, Alan was there in his car, and Simon got into the back seat, Elaine in the front.

He spurted onto her chin as his cock started pumping, qatched stream after stream of white come flew out, and covered her cheek, and then her tits as she pointed his cock down. Then I heard it, the ladder at the window. He was around 35 to 40 years old and appeared to be not bad looking. How far do we go?

Being watched

She sucked Alan as she looked across at Simon. He looked around to make sure no-one had heard her comment, but the rest of the group were engaged in some very drunken conversations. She watfhed at Alan, then back to Simon. To my pleasure she sighed and I asked her if she wanted me to stop. He watched as her husband slid his cock into her and started ilkes fuck her, and she started to wank him, pulling his cock against her tits. She kept wanking him like an expert and drew out all his come onto her body until he was spent.

At their house, they went into the living room again, where Elaine was sitting.