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Sturgis babes

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Sturgis babes

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Texas Monthly magazine, which has an audience of

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These two were having fun walking around the concert area drinking the day away.

Sturgis is the largest motorcycle rally in the world. They were giving out shots at the Buffalo Chip Campground.

I thought this woman looked cool. I thought this girl was very attractive. The people working in the sturgi, shops and stands were always very nice. I am very thankful to them for this service.

These two girls took a really nice photo. If you get it, I know you will enjoy it.

Holy hotties! 22 biker babes you’d love to take for a ride - the legendary buffalo chip

I think a woman that rides bikes is sexy… sometimes. It is a store that not only sells guns and gear but also has an indoor range!

If you ever make it to the rally, you have to stop by the Full Throttle Saloon for a drink. She is representing Babes Bahes Bullets and is a camp instructor.

These three ladies had nice smiles and were having a good time at the Buffalo Chip Campground concert area. This girl was cute and took a good picture.

Girls of sturgis motorcycle rally (45 pics)

By Staff posted Jul 10th, Keep your garage tidy with storage options. Can you tell she was there to party? The rally has been held every year since except for two years during WWII.

I thought this girl was cute with her pigtails. Body paint on women without a top is always a popular look at Sturgis. Luckily there are microfiber cloths. I talked with her to learn more about this great organization.

Girls of sturgis - video dailymotion

Lots of girls would drive into Sturgis, park in the neighborhoods and walk up to main street to see the sights. There were a lot of girls at the Buffalo Chip Campground.

Because no one wants to see scratches or lint after the detailing is done. I saw a lot of women wearing leather chaps and just panties underneath. By Staff posted Jul 13th, Scratches or lint left over after a wipe-down are aggravating when it comes to the chore of cleaning your vehicle. Want more news like this?

Another girl and her bike. I think the girl in the middle has the best ass.

This girl was selling sunglasses and other things at the Buffalo Chip Campground before bahes concert. These two were taking it easy until the concert later that evening. These girls were promoting a vodka I think. Sturgis Guns, working with The Sturgis Buffalo Chip, is providing the media with high speed wifi so we can get our work done.

10 hot biker babes from sturgis rally

You can check out my book on Amazon. It looked very expensive. Sgurgis two must have ridden in on bikes because they have on jeans and not just panties with their chaps. These girls were the Jaegermeister Girls. These two girls look like twins.

Hottest biker babes of sturgis rally

Except two chicks on a bike is better than one, lol. We also met again at the airport after the event. I wonder if they were or just looked a lot alike. The entire population of South Dakota doubles every year during the rally due to all of the visitors for the event.

Texas Monthly magazine, which has an audience of Storage containers, shelving, and wall mounting systems help keep tools, cords, parts where they should be. Bages Content By Staff posted Sep 4th, This list represents the fifteen fastest quarter mile times from a standing start of commercial, production motorcycles. It depends on what she looks like though.

By Serena McKnight posted Aug 31st, We found a treasure trove of vibrant custom motorcycles from the Hot Bike archives that dazzle with chrome and color. Nothing better than a good looking woman riding her bike.