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Successful troll is successful

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Successful troll is successful

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September 30,pm -: Hell if I care but the music is good. October 16,am Tioni: fails at reading. That is all.

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October 16,am Tioni: fails at reading.

February 20,pm lol2: 1 star for not syncing with music. March 28, successul, pm Shade: Fag. Fuck off cunt and stop trolling!

September 30,pm aaaaaaaasdasd: this troll doesn't have a suit, way to blaa up a meme faggot, downvote this shit. January 24,pm SilverVine: absolute classic! September 30,pm -: Hell if I care but the music is good.

February 21,pm lol wut? March 5,pm : where the hell is the blaa tag?

S by falll out boy June 12,pm bleh: 18 It's not. October 21,am Title Lolz: Still a better love story than Twilight.

That is all. July 30,pm Qwerty: Anybody know how to embed this? May 14,pm owowo: Trol troll is when ur Epenis increases with 1 micron.

Go back to your circlejerk of a scientology protest moralfag. February 21,pm -Tangent-: Awesome flash is awesome.

February 20,pm Kk You jos't trollrolled ;-! June 20,am Anoon: 11 Anonymous didn't even know what a suit was until you newfags ssuccessful along.

Anon: Lol, trollrolled. Gtfo from my internet. June 25,am boondellorkcir: here is the song www.